Using a Tick Repellent on Your Dog


 Ticks are parasites that tend to cause a great havoc to both the animals as well as human beings. Any individual who have heard the diseases called Lyme disease must have been knowing the effect that ticks have on a human beings.  Even though the disease can be prevented, it worries many people who are not lucky to be suffering from it. Ticks carry a wide variety of undesirable microbes that are just itching for an opportunity to use your body as a host. Outdoors can still be enjoyed despite all the dangers.  One ought to be more careful and vigilant when handling animals such as dogs and cows which are the potential hosts of ticks in the society

Natural tick repellant has been one of the most preferred methods by many farmers because they have little effect on health as well as body of animals. Natural ways of keeping off of tick infection is by staying away of the trail or footpaths that are leading farmers to the farm or where they keep their animals. Ticks have the norm of climbing moist leafs onto a blade of grass waiting to attach itself to by host that might be passing by. They take a very short time to stick on the body of any person and get hold of the skin without being noticed. For the fast encounter with the body they pretend to be gently and soft for them not to be noticed by the person they have stung.  Learn more about ticks at

Extensive research on the animal parasites as brought forward the repellants that are made from natural ingredients and therefore are environmentally friendly.   These repellant have saved people from the fear of begun stung by the ticks. They are applied externally on the body and mostly on parts that are exposed like legs and hands.   Most people always have the question on places where to find some of these effective repellants as most people tend to be blank information about these insecticides. The present technology has simplified almost everything on the face of the earth because one has the ability of searching some of these insecticides online and would be able to even locate different pharmacies that provide these drugs. Know about the natural tick collar for pets here!

Repellents like Rose-Geranium Oil are applicable on the arms neck, waits and around the ankles region because these are some of the body parts that are often exposed . Another repellant that has been preferred and recommended by many is the oil of lemon eucalyptus.  Therefore, it is always advisable to use these repellents during tick infestation to save both the environment and the body of the person who might be affected by these ticks, learn about tick repellent here!


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